44 Questions everyone who is against climate action has to answer

1. Do humans release Greenhouse Gases?

2. Does the earth produce GHGs?

3. Does the earth absorb GHGs?

4. Do humans absorb GHGs?

5. So what is happening to the total?

7. Now, what is that total, as a percentage of the atmosphere?

8. Can 0.05% percent of something make a difference?

8. So what do these gasses do? Plant food right, plants love a bit of carbon.

9. Do they also regulate the temperature of the planet?

10. So will more of them will make it warmer?

11. What was the concentration of GHGs in 1800?

12. And what is it now?

13. Is that still going up?

14. Now, is the climate a big and complicated thing?

15. Do temperatures affect the ocean currents which affect weather systems and rainfalls and salinity and habitable environments?

16. Is it possible that an increase in temperature could have knock on effects on those systems?

17. Has the climate changed before humans?

18. Does this mean that humans can’t be the ones causing it at the moment?

20. Ok, let’s move on. Are fossil fuels infinite?

21. Will we have to find another way to generate energy eventually?

22. Are you going to let our grandchildren scrape the barrel of what’s left to build those new systems, while we keep warming the world, or should we start setting up the infrastructure and slowing down the emissions now?

23. So would you care to explain your preferred energy system?

24. What’s the energy content of coal?

25. And what do we get out of the power plant, in terms of kWh per tonne?

26. Then add in the mining and refining and trucks and transport and what’s the total energy cost per tonne delivered to the furnace?

27. So what’s the total efficiency?

28. Do we love free enterprise?

29. Does it need any regulations whatsoever?

30. What can you tell us about the London smog of 1952. What caused it and what happened after? Was that a good or a bad thing?

31. What can you tell us about the hole in the Ozone layer?

32. What can you tell us about refrigerator efficiency from 1950–1990?

32. Is renewable energy fully established right now?

32. Does it work perfectly?

33. Does this mean we shouldn’t try and make it better?

34. So lastly, is Australia just one country out of hundreds?

35. Does our total only amount to 3%?

36. Does that absolve us of our responsibility to do less?

38. So is there anything else to talk about?

39. Well I’ve got something more to talk about — Why is it that people like yourself have been actively working against this?

43. If Agenda 21 is a conspiracy to control your life, which of your freedoms are being curtailed?

44. Long story short, should we be actively working towards a renewable energy future and reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible ?

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