In 2017, someone began posting on an anonymous message board as a mysterious character called Q. They claimed to have inside information that Donald Trump was secretly on a righteous mission to save the world from an evil cabal of satanic Democrats. And they offered readers a chance to be a part of it, with a front row seat to watch this holy war unfold.

Our society relies on shared realities to properly function, and lately they have begun to fracture. People appear to be living in alternative worlds, which makes meaningful relationships almost impossible.

This is an attempt to repair that rift. To try and establish some common ground. It is written and offered in the spirit of peace. People on both sides have spent years yelling that the other are evil and/or idiots. I won’t. I am operating under the assumption that the “other” side are good people, who do genuinely want what’s best for the world. …

Ex-Military Intelligence people weaponised Conspiracy Theories by using Internet Puzzle Trolls and New-Age Fascists, as part of an Attack on our Society and Truth in General.

Conspiracy theories” serve a number of uses. On an individual level, they can provide a comfortingly simple explanation for the swirling complexity of existence. Chaos can be a more terrifying concept than even the most evil of imagined villains. On an evolutionary level, a certain level of paranoia probably kept our ancestors alive. People who acted as if there was a tiger behind the tree, or hordes of enemies over the hills, were more likely to survive than those who didn’t. And on a political level, that fear can be exploited with frightening ease. …

The article below outlines the case for what Qanon is, where is came from, and who was behind it:

Given its length and breadth, there were many elements on which it could only touch briefly. It focused on the narrative, rather than the evidence. This article will focus on the evidence, rather than the narrative. Its purpose is to provide the supplementary documentation to support the claims in the article above. It offers material found in the course of investigation. Make of it what you will, that’s the whole of the law.

Schoenberger, etc:

Unanimous = Lisa Clapier, Th Stg = Thomas “St Germain” Schoenberger

The influence of perception is one of the defining features of modern life. Ever since Thomas Barratt used a nice painting to make Pears Soap more appealing, people have competed to change our minds about things. De Beers created the idea that their product, diamonds, were an essential part of marriage. Edward Bernays put cigarettes in the hands of marching suffragettes to make them “Torches of Freedom”.

It’s clear that this phenomenon is a massive danger which poses a serious threat to our society. The de-stabilisation of truth, combined with the increased militarisation of both civilians and state forces, on the way towards what’s looking sure to be a contested election, is a recipe for deadly disaster.

* I did not write this. This was posted anonymously on pastebin. I have simply replicated it here for ease of formatting. It is presented entirely as it was found. I cannot speak for it veracity. It purports to explain the origin story of the character at the centre of the Qanon movement, Q. ***

The Great Awakening

You have arrived.

It’s been a long journey. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Get a glass of water and sit down. This is going to be long. It’s going to make you uncomfortable. It’s not what you thought it was going to be, but it’s what you didn’t even know you needed to hear. The totality of this is greater than the sum of its parts and I implore you to read all the way to the end. It’s going to make you angry. It’s going to make you feel a lot of things you…

Hamilton Hume

Just trying to figure it out

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