Evidence of the people responsible for “Qanon” being responsible for “Qanon”

Daniel Morrison
15 min readJan 26, 2021

The article below outlines the case for what Qanon is, where is came from, and who was behind it:

Given its length and breadth, there were many elements on which it could only touch briefly. It focused on the narrative, rather than the evidence. This article will focus on the evidence, rather than the narrative. Its purpose is to provide the supplementary documentation to support the claims in the article above. It offers material found in the course of investigation. Make of it what you will, that’s the whole of the law.

Schoenberger, etc:

Unanimous = Lisa Clapier, Th Stg = Thomas “St Germain” Schoenberger
Sophia Musik = Weapons of Truth = Thomas Schoenberger

Arturo’s Journey:

Pistis Sophia = Snow White = Lisa Clapier. Lestat = Arturo. This is where he realises she is connected to Q. (click images to expand)
Having frustrated words with Defango that his affiliation with Q would compromise Cicada

Connecting Robert David Steel, Manuel Chavez, Trevor Fitzgibbon, Kim Dot Com, Sean Stone, “Flynn”, etc:

Schoenberger introducing Trevor Fitzgibbons (VoxVertias) to Manuel Chavez.
Micheal Levine is TS’s more musically talented business partner. Not exactly sure about the “Flynn” email on the right below, but entertaining at least.
Images expand when clicked
Carter Page gets in the mix

Media Platforms:

Influence Strategies:

Warning : Above image is of confusing provenance and may be disinformation
Too tired to explain who Lydia is but she has some connection to these jabronies
Right: Instructions from FBIanon on 4Chan in 2016

New Age Circles / Lisa Clapier / Snow White:

Lisa Clapier = Sophia = Unanimous = Sage = Snow White

Example of a “victim” of this operation:

A friend of the author accepting a welcome to a war with someone fighting for Trump, and a genuine resource for those wanting to help

Thomas’s Fascist Tendencies:

Name = Thomas Schoenberger

And his history of psychologically violent abuse:

Excerpts from a depostion involving TS

Admitting Connection to SnowWhite Twitter acc (name = TS):

How Thomas reacts to the Narrative and being challenged on twitter:

(Thomas is TeslasPigeon / @PraiseHermes1,

author is You’re Amazing / @River_Advntures)

Incredible mention of “entraining brainwave” technology, implanting subliminal messages in video, from a company in which Betsy Devos is an investor, and an interesting mention of another project:

Policy Agenda Items:

Intelligence Connections:

It looks like Michael Aquino represented Jim Watkins in at least one of his divorces — UPDATE: This may be inaccurate
Flynn Intel Group: Bijan Kian in the middle on the right there
Sophia Musik = Thomas Schoenberger telling a lady some stories

#Unity4J / Wikileaks / Julian Assange:

Russian Amplification:

Sputnik = Russian Media.
Fake facebook pages set up by the Russian Internet Research Agency
Just a general kind of Thing really

Miscellaneous material:

Thomas and co taking over Cicada, Mercer money

There has been some debate about the true nature of Q lately. Many have been helpful in mapping out its movements. But when it comes to finding out who’s responsible, they have been curiously, often aggressively, disinterested. People calling it an operation have been met with mockery and ridicule.

Quotes from a “Qanon” thread on the Something Awful forums, directed at those trying to figure out who “Q” is

There is a lot to unpack about what’s going on here, and perhaps we can do that another time. For now let’s assume that it basically boils down to “there’s no evidence”. Hopefully this changes that. If all the above is still considered to be inconclusive, surely we can at least agree that it raises reasonable suspicions, which warrant further investigation. Of course many of the lines are blurred. It’s hard to know where lies end and influence begins. Where the organic becomes the orchestrated. It’s a lot like a bushfire — the movements often look natural. But arson is deadly. That’s what we’re dealing with. Everything above is what an amateur on the other side of the world was able to uncover over a few months in his spare time. Is it somewhat of a mess? Sure. There isn’t a neat explanation for this. This is not a simple story with an easy answer. There is still a lot to uncover, and we need to get on with fleshing out the rest of it, to dig in to all of the characters and their connections, so that these people can be brought to justice for the harm they have caused.

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