The Troll Who Created “Qanon”

In 2017, someone began posting on an anonymous message board as a mysterious character called Q. They claimed to have inside information that Donald Trump was secretly on a righteous mission to save the world from an evil cabal of satanic Democrats. And they offered readers a chance to be a part of it, with a front row seat to watch this holy war unfold.

“Q Drops”
Some of the faces of Thomas Schoenberger
Bijan Kian and Michael Flynn
SophiaMusi = Thomas Schoneberger.
Q, Q, Q
ThStg = Thomas “St Germain” Schoenberger
Unanimous & Pistis Sophia = Lisa Clapier
Sage & Sophia = Lisa Clapier
Schoenberger admitting to being in pre-Q chats with Tracy Beanz (one of the biggest and earliest Q promoters on YouTube), and Courtney Tubbs, from the Goldwater, a site owned and run by Jim Watkins.
Tracy and Flynn
Sean Stone and Robert David Steele
Travis View, co-host of the Qanon Anonymous podcast
Thomas’s occasional creative partner, Michael Levine, even managed to get some Cicada stuff into an Assassin’s Creed game.
Italien Feeld = QAA co-host Julain Feeld. Marley Clements was a co-producer of the Vice Documentary that looked at Schoenberger. Diametheous = Thomas Schoenberger. Jake Hanrahan appears to be an otherwise excellent journalist.
Didymos, Alpha Sierra, PraiseHermes, TeslasPigeon = all Thomas.
IRA fake accounts sowing division, and Sputnik TV livestreamaing lockdown protests while promoting Qanon content

Just trying to figure it out